The Yellow Room

(Infants 6 weeks - 15 months)

Here in the Yellow Room we believe in a mix between playing individually and playing in a group. We believe infants enjoy active time as well as quiet time. Our infants can enjoy the comforts of home such as bouncy seats and exer-saucers. We believe in the comforts of home such as eating in a high chair in a relaxed setting. We enjoy getting to visit with older children and our siblings throughout the day as well.


The Orange Room

(Toddler Room 15 months - 20 months)

Here in the orange room we encourage exploration through play and use our different senses to learn. Art projects are plentiful, fingerplays and songs, books, and calendar time are part of our every day learning. We enjoy dancing and making music, and learning about our colors, shapes, and animals. We are learning important skills such as sharing, taking turns, and controlling our bodies. We even get to nap on cots like the bigger kids. We go outside daily and enjoy all of our learning opportunities. 


The Green Room

(20 months - 32 months)

Our classroom is designed for our friends who are ready to move out of the toddler room and who are ready for more structure and learning! We still play and have a great time, but we begin to be more towards a little more classroom structure with circle time, art time, story time large motor activities, and more. We love the independence found in our play and continue to work on our social skills. Our language is reaching new levels and we are learning how to use our new found abilities!


The Red Room

(older 2s / Younger 3s)

Our classroom is designed for our friends who are ready to move up and are ready to take their explorations to a new level. Our day is much like a preschool day with organized activities and learning opportunities. We master potty training and say good-bye to diapers, we focus more on our academic skills, while still having a great time with music, movement, and large muscle activities. We are more independent and we are learning to master our self help skills and ability to utilize our vocabulary.