This Month

July 3rd-14th: Zoo animals

    To go along with our zoo field trip, for two weeks we will be learning about the animals that live around the world. We will learn a lot about some of the animals we saw at the zoo, and some others that we may not have seen.

July 17th-21st: Our Universe

   This week we will be learning about our universe! We will cover all of the things that we see in outer space, like planets, moons, stars, and the galaxy. For our older kids, we will learn even more about things like black holes!

July 24th-28th: Going to the fair

   To prepare for our big field trip to the fair, we will learn about the fairgrounds and what we will experience there. We will talk about what we will likely see, taste, hear, smell, and do at the Lake County Fair on Thursday, and on Friday review all of the fun we had

​July Basics

Numbers: 1-2

Letters: W-X-Y-Z