​​Preschool And School Age 

Summer School Care

(our school age kids)

In this program we get to have fun and enjoy amazing trips, hang out with our friends and socialize, get outside and play in the water, and take some time to keep up on our academics as well. We stay busy and have fun while we're doing it!


TheTie-Dye  Room

(Kindergarten - 12 years)

Our classroom currently provides transportation to and from St. Patricks Catholic School in Wadsworth. In addition, the bus will pick up and drop off your child if they attend Kenneth Murphy School, Newport School, Our Lady Of Humility Catholic School. 

Before school is our opportunity to spend time waking up, eating breakfast, and socializing with our friends. We have a busy day ahead of us!

After school we need to have a snack, get a little time to relax, and then get our homework started before Mom and Dad get home from work! In addition, we have the comforts of home such as open art projects, craft projects, board games, limited electronic gaming, and more.


The Blue Room

(Preschool 3-5)

We are ready to learn, play, and grow in the Blue Room. All of our friends are fully potty trained in this classroom and we all have a basic academic foundation upon which to grow. We are ready to master reading, writing, basic math skills, and enjoy the structure of our day. We work hard to accommodate all of our learning levels and help our friends prepare for kindergarten. We work to master our self help skills and problem solving skills. We make new friends, do fun projects, and take great trips out in the community too!