Miss Nikki:
Nikki joined the ASF family in 2013. She is currently working as an assistant teacher, but is working on her CDA teaching credentials to be lead teacher qualified.
Miss Kassy:

 Kassy joined our Solid Foundations family as a parent of two, whose two daughters were enrolled in our daycare. She began working as a staff member in 2016, and is now working to receive her teaching credentials.

Miss Karlee:

  Karlee joined us in Spring 2017. She works as an assistant in the blue room. She is working towards her teaching credentials.

Miss Kayla:  

 Kayla joined our staff in Spring of 2017. She works as an assistant in our yellow and orange rooms, and is currently working for her teaching credentials

Miss Courtney:

 Miss Courtney joined our Solid Foundation team in January 2016. Courtney recently graduated from highschool. and will be attending college at CLC in fall of 2017. She has worked with kids for her entire life, and is currently working on her teaching credentials.

Miss Bailey:

 Bailey started working for our team in June 2015. She is both qualified as a teacher and a student director. Bailey runs our school program in the summer, however she attends UW LaCrosse working towards her elementary education degree, and is unable to work with us during the school year.





Jennifer Dempski


Jennifer has been running A Solid Foundation daycare from her home as a Licensed Group Daycare Home since 2004. She has a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish. In addition, she completed her Masters Degree of Education in Early Childhood in 2011. She has worked this program from the bottom up and is completely hands on with the children. She takes pride in helping families to build A Solid Foundation.

Miss Tasha:

Tasha is the mother of two sons. She has been with ASF since Summer of 2015. She currently holds a CDA in early childhood and is also attending college for education.

Miss Jill:
Jill joined the ASF staff in Summer of 2015. Jill is currently working on her Bachelors Degree of Education in early childhood. Jill is a lead teacher and is also director qualified here at ASF.




Erin began her journey with A Solid Foundation as a daycare parent who brought her child to attend the daycare. Erin made the choice to be a stay at home Mom but decided to come back full time into her field by joining ASF as our infant/toddler specialist. Erin currently oversees the infant and toddler program and is completing her Bachelors Degree in Education with an emphasis on Infant/Toddler care. 



Vince has joined out staff full time, and works directly with the preschool and school aged kids. He comes to us with a Bachelors Degree and a coaching background working with school aged children. He has recently completed additional training at Kendall College with a focus in Early Childhood Education. 

Miss Brittany:​​
Brittany started her time at ASF as a daycare mom. She is the mother of 3 kids of her own! Brittany is currently working as an assistant teacher in various classrooms and is working quickly on her trainings for her teaching certificate.

Miss Elisha:

 Elisha is a mother of two daughters, and has been with our team since 2016. She has a bachelors degree from Carthage College. She enjoys her time at our Daycare in the baby room.

Miss Rychell​e:
Rychelle started with ASF Daycare in 2014 as a daycare parent. She joined our teaching team in June 2015 as an assistant, and has since finished her CDA teaching credential. She is now working as a full time teacher, and is the mother of a two year old son.

Miss Jenny:
Jenny joined the ASF team in August 2015. Jenny has an associates degree and is continuing her education towards her bachelors degree. Jenny is a lead teacher as well as director qualified here at A Solid Foundation.

Miss Cheyenne

Cheyenne joined the ASF family in the Fall of 2015. She is currently working towards her degree and is working full time as a teacher here at ASF Daycare. Cheyenne is the also the mother of a one year old daughter.


 America joined our Solid Foundation team in 2017. She came to us with a great deal of daycare experience from the past and is currently working towards her degree in early childhood. She also has her CDA teaching credentials.